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September 26, 2017
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Stainless Steel Countertops and Copper Countertops Custom Made to Your Exact Requirements

Stainless Steel Countertop & Sink Portfolio

Adirondack Counters

Pennsylvania Stainless

California Stainless

California Island

Century House

Missouri Stainless

Maine Stainless

NYC Copper Counters

Oklahoma Farmer Style

Cottage Countertop

Farmer Style Stainless

Farmer Apron Sinks

Stainless Island w Sinks

Counter w Sinks

Triple Bowl Sinks

"L" Shape Counter

Maui Stainless Kitchen

Minnesota Countertop

NYC Counter

Copper Island

Copper L-Shape

Copper Countertops

Retro 50's Kitchen

Long Island Stainless

Franke Sink Welded In

Waterfall Design

Virginia Stainless

New Hampshire Stainless

East Aurora L-Shape

Florida Stainless

Island Counter

California Stainless

Industrial Look

Ohio Stainless Kitchen

Kitchen Island

Origami Sink

Boston Stainless Sinks

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The above projects are just a sampling of the stainless steel countertops and custom copper countertops projects that we have completed throughout the country. We offer an unlimited variety of custom sizes, shapes, and configurations. We set ourselves apart from our competition by combining quality handcrafted workmanship with personalized artistic design.

Each kitchen represents various configurations of custom stainless steel countertops we built. Some have our built-in stainless sinks and integral backsplashes. L-shape, islands, and straight counters are also featured along with farmer apron style stainless steel sinks and stainless steel dish boards and copper countertops. Also various edge details including marine edges, raised "V" edges, and our standard square edges. Design ideas are only limited to your imagination!

Click on an image to view more photos of each project