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August 22, 2019
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Missouri Custom Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink, Counter Top and Drain Board

"Thanks so much!!
Have a great holiday season."

-Stacia & Kurt-

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Stainless steel counter top was custom made and is one piece 141.50" long. It features a large 18 x 28 x 8" custom stainless steel sink and seamless stainless steel drain board, full backsplash and traditional square edges. This is a very popular design for Specialty Stainless. We can custom build one to fit in your kitchen.
    "I just wanted to thank the three of you for helping us with our project. You endured many questions and were patient while I kept changing my mind. You were wonderful to work with and we love the result!"
    Our customer submitted their Missouri retro farm house kitchen project and had a great write up in retro renovation