Texas Stainless Steel Cabinets with Countertop & Double Stainless Sinks

Meeting the “everything is bigger in Texas” addage, these indoor stainless steel kitchen cabinets are loaded with options, including (3) sets of three-tier stainless steel drawers, (2) 21″ x 17″ x 8″ integral stainless sinks, electrical outlet cutouts, an integral stainless dish board and (3) stainless steel cabinets with stainless doors.

The L shaped 192″ x 96″ x 25″ custom stainless steel countertop is finished in an antique matte finish.

Our craftmanship extends to ensuring a quality product delivered to your door with durable crating and packaging. This project shipped to Midland, Texas, ready for it’s first gathering.

"Thanks guys you exceeded every expectation we had on these stainless steel cabinets and the countertop too! We are going to give your name to everyone we know"
Shop Photos provided by SpecialtyStainless.com