Large Stainless Steel L Shape Countertop – Shipped in Two Pieces

A beautifully designed large L-Shaped stainless steel counter top. Measuring 169” x 102 ” on the lengths x 25” wide. This top also has one of our large 18″ x 30″ x 10″ deep custom integrally welded in stainless sink bowls, as well as a cooktop, all finished in our antique matte finish.

This top was shipped in two pieces and was re-assembled on site using our proprietary draw tight method. Check out the picture of the corner joint to see how nice these counters come together.

“The antique matte finish takes care of hiding most of our use and, quite frankly, it just doesn’t matter as our scratches become part of the charm, easily looking like the countertop has been in the kitchen for years in our circa 1880 good ol’ East Aurora house. It’s also so great to watch the reaction of family and friends as they check out the integral sink for the first time. Pretty fun.”

“Hope you are well and are continuing to help out the many folks, like us, whom found out that one of the best-darned residential stainless countertop companies in the country is right here in Buffalo. That’s right. Buffalo, NY. Go figure. They have no idea how cool their new countertops will be and how great you all are to work with…”

"The stainless, btw, is complete awesomeness! I love that it just doesn't matter what you do to it."
Photos provided by customer